Tax & Private Client Services

Hart Vida & Partners provides a full range of tax planning, preparation and consulting services for businesses, family offices and high net worth individuals. These services help our clients identify and take full advantage of opportunities to minimize their tax burden while staying compliant with federal, state and local tax law.

Tax Preparation

We provide expert tax preparation services for individuals, estates and trusts, and businesses to maximize their opportunity to defer or minimize tax liabilities.

Our tax professionals provide a full range of tax services including a comprehensive review of federal, state, multi-state, and local tax regulations to help our clients stay compliant with the law.

In the event of an audit or tax discrepancy, we serve as expert and professional representatives to guide our clients in their dealings with federal, state and local tax agencies.

Corporate Tax Management

We manage the annual tax cycle including monthly, quarterly and annual preparation of all required forms and filings.

Businesses require ongoing tax advisory services to ensure compliance with the latest changes in tax code and to gain guidance on the tax implications of investment, expansion or other business activities throughout the year.

Our tax experts work closely with business owners and leadership to develop strategies that maximize opportunities for incentives and credits.

Private Client

Designed for the small and independent business owner, high net worth individuals, estates and trusts, or family offices that require a sophisticated and integrated suite of services.

We combine the expertise of our tax and accounting professionals with the services of trusted partners, such as attorneys and wealth management advisors, to create an integrated solution addressing a wide range of financial, tax and estate matters.

Our private clients enjoy the convenience and security of having a single point of contact to safely manage their complex financial reporting and management needs.

It’s All About Cash – FlowFirst®

Hart Vida & Partners considers cash flow to be fundamental to business growth. Accordingly, we employ our FlowFirst® management model to reduce the time it takes to convert sales opportunities to cash. This involves analyzing the three business flows that are critical to cash generation:

  • Sales Flow – opportunity to contract
  • Operational Flow – contract to delivery
  • Financial Flow – delivery to cash

Essential to Financial Flow are tax and financial planning, based on financial statements and reports. This planning process for our tax and private clients helps minimize and defer taxes. It is also vital for projecting tax distributions and liabilities and planning for their payments.

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