Operational and Financial Flows


A successful international container inspection company was having trouble generating monthly financial statements and management reports. These monthly reports contained information that was vital to financial planning. The company eventually found itself lacking important data required to properly expand causing inaccurate reconciliations, and having an impact on financial flow.



Approach & Solution

The key to Hart Vida& Partners’ FlowFirst® management model is the integration of sales, operational, and financial flows, in order to maximize cash flow. However, information available through the client’s operating system - such as commissions and searches booked - wasn’t being included in the firm’s monthly financial statements and reports.

The company was about to install a new accounting system. It was crucial that it be integrated with the firm’s very successful operational software. Hart Vida & Partners collaborated with a programmer to ensure that the two systems worked together, which avoided having to enter the same information twice. It eliminated the need to expend capital on manual reconciliations. Hart Vida & Partners’ ability to act as interface between the programmer and client was essential to the project’s success.

The client is now able to generate the financial statements and monthly management reports needed to continue growing. Twice each month the client runs a program that captures key information from its operating system, which they incorporate with their financial and accounting data. Financial information is verified monthly, and what once took days can now be accomplished in a couple of hours. A company with sales flow and operational flow has now achieved financial flow.